Tuesday, July 28, 2015

BBQ Sweet Potato Fries

BBQ Sweet Potato Fries
Having been on a health trip for the last few weeks, I realized one thing: I'm not young anymore! Gone are the college days that I could outwork a bad diet (not that I could do that back then either). No more staying up late, eating anything I want, drinking like it's prohibition, then heading to the gym to work it off for an hour a few times a week.

So the hunt for healthier alternatives was on. First on the list, french fries! Who can resist these things at any fast food joint? Unfortunately, they have earned the nickname "death sticks" due to their utter lack of nutritional value and are calorie, fat and salt bombs. So the first order of business was to upgrade from normal potatoes to sweet potatoes which are a nutritional powerhouse. Now to eliminate the frying, so many options like baking or even air frying with a special machine. But, since it's BBQ season where I'm from and people are probably grilling burgers (veg and non-veg) why not take advantage if you have space to cook up an awesome side dish?

I dredged the internet and all the BBQ sweet potato recipes I found have the same formula: cut, boil, season, BBQ. The recipe is relatively simple and you cut some sweet potatoes into wedges or large matchsticks. Boil the cut up potatoes for roughly 5 minutes or until they're easily pierced with a fork. Not too long because you want french fries, not mashed potatoes. Once their tender, rinse them off in cold water to stop the cooking process then pat them dry with paper towel.

Boiled and cooled potatoes ready for some seasoning
Don't make them too small as they shrink as you cook them and you also don't want them falling through the grill grates (even if yours are relatively close together, there will be casualties). After drying, they're ready for seasoning. Add a bit of oil to lightly coat the fries so the seasoning will stick and choose flavors you like.  I went with some salt, garlic power, paprika and chili powder.  Next, put them a grill set at medium and cook until they start turning brown at the edges, then flip and repeat on the other side (about 7 minutes each side). Once cooked, take them off the BBQ and start enjoying your healthier french fry.

Fries on the BBQ (notice the lost fry on the left)


Joseph said...

Another advantage of using air fryers is that modern ones have an exhaust system in place which filters the excess air out. Since it is filtered, it is friendly to the environment.

Zoniv said...

Hello EJ,
This post is very nice. I love the BBQ Sweet Potato Fries. It is very delicious to look at. Thank you for sharing the ingredients and recipe. Hope your next recipe will published soon.

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