Monday, July 20, 2015

Hello, Nininjas

So you found me.

This blog is the culmination of all my passions and interests online. I have been on social media for almost two decades now (with my first blog way back in High School) - been all over the place, starting online guilds, businesses, websites, and what nots - and I think it's about time to consolidate all my interests and activities in one banner site. So welcome to my first solely-managed personal website,

This endeavor is very exciting for me as well as really nerve-wracking. It's a reflection of all my interests-- from writing, shopping, travelling, the arts, and even my handmade projects and products-- this site is meant to house all those under one banner, my name.

So here's to the start of something exciting! Hope you join me in this new journey as I turn a new leaf in my life. Blogging has been a big part of my growing years and it will continue to be as I keep growing and discovering new things which I will also be sharing with all of you. Exciting things are ahead, so just step back and let us all enjoy the ride!

"Let the beauty of what you love, 
be what you do.

Shine like the whole universe is yours."
- Rumi

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