Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Filling up at the City of Dreams: LUNCH

Sticking out like a palace in the stretch of Macapagal Boulevard, is the gold covered walls of the City of Dreams. I know it has been a while since it opened to the public (in February this year) but it is not until now that we got to see what's inside that majestic place.

Everyone knows the City of Dreams as a Casino, but it also houses 3 hotels in its compound. But that day, we actually only had one agenda: TO EAT. So I won't make this any longer and just go to the main event-- the food.

The City of Dreams houses a number of restaurants at the upper ground where we spent most of the time choosing. We got super excited with the choices-- there was Asian, Filipino, Korean, Taiwanese, a Gastropub and Italian. We let our stomachs decide and ended up at the crowd favorite:

Italian food always has a soft spot in our hearts so choosing Prego was almost a no-brainer for us. First dish: the free bread. Okay, fine. It's not the first dish but allow me to feature it here because it is too good to not be given a few moments to shine:

The flat focaccia is my favorite! (the triangle ones) They come with three spreads/dipping sauce too-- butter, pate and tomatoes soaked in oil. I absolutely loved the tomatoes! It was nice and new to me cause I'm used to dipping my bread in a vinaigrette + olive oil combo. The concept is actually like that, with the tomatoes giving the much needed tangy-ness. But the cool thing about the tomatoes is that they also give it texture. It was so nice to bite into something and not just feel like you're eating oil and bread. The best part about the free bread? It's unlimited.

Now, on to the appetizer!

Assorted Italian Cuts, with pizza puffs served with gorgonzola and mascarpone cheese sauce - Php 590.00
How can one resist Italian cold cuts in an Italian restaurant? Well I can cause I'm vegetarian, but not the rest of my family of course! This dish was the perfect appetizer to start our Italian lunch. Everything was simple yet really tasty. The mascarpone and gorgonzola cheese sauce really did it for us. It went perfectly with the meat and vegetables.

Next, the main dishes:
Truffle Sauce Risotto - Php 590.00
My godsister and I split this dish. We both like risotto and would get it whenever it's available on the menu. This dish however, was a bit of a disappointment. The truffle sauce was overpowering. Like they went overboard with the truffle just to make it decadent. There was also no other texture on the dish, nothing to cut its "softness". At times it was like eating oatmeal which was a total letdown for us.

Large spinach ravioli filled with cheese fondue in porcini mushroom sauce - Php 490.00

The next dish saved the risotto by a mile! The ravioli was really tasty. It also had the right texture with the mix of the soft ravioli with cheesy insides and the chunky mushrooms. This one's a keeper :)

Last but not the least... the pizza.
Pizza due Gusti - Php 470.00
Our pizza had sauteed mushrooms, spinach, italian sausage and parmesan cheese. This one is another keeper! Owing to the fact that the restaurant had a brick oven, the crust was perfectly cooked. It was thin and toasted in all the right places!

Overall, our experience at Prego was very pleasant. It was a bit on the expensive side though but for the overall dining experience, Prego gets a 3 out of 5 ninja stars ♠♠♠

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