Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Filling up at the City of Dreams: MERIENDA

The second part of our pig out day at the City of Dreams highlights one of my favorite meals of the day: MERIENDA.

We were so full from lunch but really wanted dessert and something warm so it was easy to gravitate to the nearest cafe from Prego-- the Cafe Society.

Cafe Society is easy to find. It is right smack in the middle of the City of Dreams' upper floor, and with this display greeting you from the escalator, I don't think you would miss it:

Yup, your eyes are not playing tricks on you. Those are actually tubs of ice cream! Let me give you a better view:

It was definitely a trap. Why put all these goodness smack right in the middle of the upper floor?? *drools* I haven't even looked at the cafe menu but I already had my mind set on getting ice cream. I mean, how can I not? You can pick from 18 flavors and 14 toppings!

But let me delay it a bit and show you our pastry and coffee choices first:
Latte and pistachio and raspberry sans rival
Cappuccino and Lemon Raspberry White chocolate
The coffee weren't so special so let me skip that and focus on the pastries  first:

This one is super! I remembered my boyfriend when I took a bite of this because he likes sans rival and this one is really really good! It had layers of cake interspersed with cream and raspberry and pistachio. You can get bits of pistachio with every bite with a little bit of sourness from the raspberry. The little cubes at the top are white chocolate which were tasty as well!

I ordered the lemon raspberry white chocolate without really knowing what it was so I was pleasantly surprised to be handed this little white bomb. It was like a chiffon lemon cake bomb with a hollow inside filled with raspberry preserves.

I absolutely loved the consistency of the cake. The lemon taste was not very strong and the white chocolate icing that covered the entire cake cut through the sourness, creating a perfect balance in your mouth. This one is very good! I absolutely love that it went perfectly with my cappuccino.

And now, the ice cream:
Top: green tea | Bottom: avocado
OMG. I died and went to ice cream heaven! The ice cream was just perfect! It was flavored so well and had the right balance of milk and sugar. I enjoyed that it had a smooth consistency too! It was so good! Plus, they had big scoops which made it even better-- cheap and tasty, how can you go wrong with that?

Overall, I had a great merienda at Cafe Society. If I ever find myself at the City of Dreams, it will definitely be one of my stops. I am excited to try the ice cream in a cone or with toppings. Or maybe a cookie? Or two? *drool* 4 out 5 ninja stars for the Cafe Society! ♠♠♠

And oh, sharing here a photo of their menu:

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