Friday, August 14, 2015

Foodie Friday: Arisoo Japanese-Korean Eatery

For this week's Foodie Friday, allow me to feature one of my go-to Korean/Japanese eatery, Arisoo.

Arisoo is  a Korean & Japanese eatery in Cartimar. It's basically what it is, an eatery. Not a fancy restaurant but the food is great... and very cheap!

I go to Arisoo when I'm craving bibimbap. It's only Php160.00 but the taste is comparable to the ones in regular Korean restaurants costing Php350.00 and up. All the meals come with miso soup and kimchi too so you know you're getting a good deal.

My colleague, got the Korean beef stew:

She claims the stew is a bit more oily than she's used to in other restaurants but for the meager Php130.00 price tag, I think this isn't such a bad deal.

Lastly, my favorite. The one dish that makes me go repeatedly to Arisoo, the CHEESE TOPPOKI.

Cheese Toppoki - P130.00
It's the first time I've tried cheese toppoki. I was wondering why I don't see this dish in regular Korean restaurants. Then I found out toppoki is actually a street food item in Korea. So maybe that's the reason it's not in Korean restaurant menus. But because Arisoo is an eatery, hello Toppoki!

Cheese Toppoki is made of toppoki (rice cakes), fish cakes, vegetables and Korean pepper sauce (Gochujang). The one in Arisoo has cheese though which cuts into the spiciness of the pepper sauce. it made it creamy and spicy and bit salty, I love that there are also small chunks of cheese mixed in too! The best part of it is that they allow me to have my toppoki with no fish cake, making it vegetarian-friendly :)

Arisoo has a wide menu selection (sorry, no picture) that includes samgyeopsal, kimchi chige, japchae, and others from the Korean menu and gyoza, tempura and teriyaki dishes from the Japanese menu.

When my colleagues and I are looking to eat something tasty, our default choice is Arisoo. It's an easy choice-- tasty and cheap, how can you resist?

Arisoo Korean & Japanese Eatery
#Plaza8, Cartimar Shopping Centre
Leveriza St. Pasay City, Philippines
Facebook page: Arisoo Facebook Page

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