Friday, August 7, 2015

Foodie Friday: Love for Reese

It's Friday and I'm in love! ♥ (Hello, pangga!) Fridays will now be Foodie Fridays here at The Nininja, which means you can expect a food post every Friday! It can be a restaurant feature or food item, as long as it's edible, you can read about it every Friday here on the blog.

To start Foodie Friday right, let me feature here some items from one of my boyfriend and I's favorite chocolate, Reese:

My boyfriend was kind enough to share these Reese items with me, both of which really made me happy because not only is Reese one of the few chocolates I eat, we also don't have these items here in the Philippines. So excited to try them!

I went for the Reese Snacksters first because they're the easiest to eat (hehe):

Inside are pretzel sticks and a chocolate peanut butter dip which really tasted like Reese's cups! I love that it stayed true to the peanut butter-y taste with just hints of chocolate. The consistency is not very smooth but it is what I expect from a Reese dip. I mean, the chocolate itself has that textured peanut butter inside too so the dip version should have that same texture.

Next, the Reese Spread:

My boyfriend was raving about the spread before I got to taste it so I had high expectations for it. Well, Reese did not disappoint! It was like a peanut butter spread with a bit of chocolate... like 3/4 peanut butter, 1/4 chocolate-- which, when you think about it, is how the actual Reese peanut butter cups are. Amazing!

I am truly amazed at these Reese products. If you're a fan of the chocolate (like us), I think you would enjoy these items too. For some who's not used to the taste and consistency of Reese's, they might not like it just because of the novelty of these items. I must admit even the first bite of the spread made me uneasy cause I was used to the taste of nutella or peanut butter but the taste of the spread is so new to me! But since I'm a fan of the peanut butter cups, the adjustment was easy for me.

Thank you to my boyfriend for sharing these cool Reese finds with me! Two thumbs up for these!

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