Saturday, August 22, 2015

Foodie Friday: Union Social Eatery

Since, it's still Friday in the time zone I'm in, this Foodie Friday post is technically still on time. For this week's Foodie Friday, let me introduce you to Union Social Eatery. There are 3 locations in the greater Toronto Area and the one I ate at with my dad is the one in Mississauga. This location is large (around 100 seats) and when we showed up to have a late lunch on a Friday (1 pm) it was still full and people were still coming in and waiting for seats, all signs of a potentially good resto.

The restaurant pitches itself as a premium casual eatery with good food and a large selection of alcoholic beverages (read, bar with supposedly good food). You can see the well stocked bar behind the greeters' table as soon as you walk into the restaurant, in the picture above. The menu consists of bar classics such as burgers, nachos, fish and chips, tacos, etc. Looking over the menu, available here, shows that many of these have been upgraded such as premium toppings on the burgers, grilled fish tacos and also a good assortment of salads and other food. The greeting and wait staff were prompt, courteous and attentive to the needs to of the customers as we were eating and didn't push menu items too hard or pretentious and were overall easy to interact with. They were around just enough to gauge and attend to our needs without being intrusive. Now onto the the main event: the food!

My dad had the grilled fish taco with wasabi napa slaw and fresh lime on the side. They were very good and the wasabi slaw and lime gave it a very novel and Asian twist to tacos. My only complaint is that the fish had a hint of a fishy taste but otherwise very good. And with 3 tacos to an order, it's more big enough to feed most people and a steal at $11.98 CAD.

I ordered the nachitos (nachos) with beef brisket chili on top cause I had the sudden craving for nachos after talking with Ninin (hello, pangga😘) and had to get some. The plain nachitos don't come with any meat on top and are suitable for vegetarians and have just the right amount of kick with the jalapenos in the salsa and cost $13.98CAD. For an additional $3.50CAD you can add beef brisket chili or ancho chicken on top in case you're bulking and need the extra protein.

The dessert menu looked good (cookies with ice cream, cheesecake, brulee) but we were so full we couldn't handle anymore food. They also have drink specials for every day of the week, in case the occasion calls for a little bit of booze. My first experience at Union Social Eatery was good and I'll definitely be back next time I'll enough space to have some dessert. 4 out of 5 ninja stars for Union Social Eatery ★★★★

Union Social Eatery webpage:

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