Thursday, August 20, 2015

Love is Kismet

Kismet - a word that means a power that can control what happens in the future; fate; destiny.

For today's post, let me do a throwback Thursday and share with you a short film from the Cornetto Cupidity series. This short film came out in 2013 as part of the Cornetto Cupidity series, which are short films done by Cornetto (the ice cream brand) as a campaign to engage the teenage audience. The first 4 of the series of films were shot in Istanbul, LA, Hong Kong, and London, incorporating new music from up-and-coming acts.

My favorite film is Kismet Diner, written and directed by Mark Nunneley. It is one of the most well received films of 2013 and won the Cannes Silver Lion and the Manhattan Short Festival Award. Everything about the short film is perfect-- the plot, the acting, the music-- everything was spot on!

I had my boyfriend watch it the other day and he was moved by it. It was just so beautifully done! And can I just say the songs are perfect? They chose the right artist to feature for this film. I had a big Lotte Mulan infatuation back in 2013 and how can I not when all her songs that came out in the film were just amazing? You can check out the EP here:

There have been more films added to the Cornetto Cupidity series because of how popular and successful the campaign was. If you wanna see all the films, you can check out the RSA Films website here.
Have a great Thursday, everyone!

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