Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Power Pumps

"Give a girl the right pair of shoes and she will conquer the world"
-Marilyn Monroe

And that is exactly what I did a few weeks back-- bought myself awesome pumps to strut in:

I am very picky with my work shoes and for the longest time, I've been buying shoes from Naturalizer only. My godmother convinced me to try other brands though to increase my style options cause Naturalizer has very limited styles.

I wanted classic black pumps and there was so many options available. My priority though was comfort and value for money. I saw these ones from Zara and I thought they were pretty and even if the heels were high, they were light enough and easy to walk in. I really liked these babies until I wore them for an entire day at work. They hurt so much! It didn't have enough cushioning in them and made the the soles of my feet ache :(
Zara black pumps - Php 3,950.00
Next are these nude pumps from Aldo. I believe every girl should have at least one pair of nude heels in her closet. It's such a versatile color and I love how this pair has pointed heels. This pair has more padding and it feels more comfortable in. Even with the height it doesn't feel so steep. It feels more snug around my feet too. Cause my biggest problem with heels without straps is that my feet are too thin that my feet slip off them when I walk. I lack the meat/fat necessary to make it snug. But these ones are definitely a keeper. Very comfortable to walk in, plus it's really stylish!
Aldo nude pumps - Php 4,695.00
Last are my biggest steal, the strappy mary janes from Marks & Spencer. Yup, you read that right-- Marks & Spencer! Not a lot of people know that they sell shoes and I also don't usually go there for shoes, but while I was browsing around the store, I chanced upon these babies that were on sale for Php895.00! It was such a steal that there was no way I would pass up these cuties. They ended up as my go-to pair cause I love the fact that it has straps. But these are also not meant for long walking. They're not cushioned  enough to last the whole day. But they are very light and easy to walk in though, so a few hours for a cocktail party in this pair won't be uncomfortable.
Marks & Spencer - Php895.00 (on sale)
After that recent purchase, I conclude that the only brand that could work as my work shoes is Naturalizer. In terms of long-lasting comfort and wearability, Naturalizer wins by a landslide. My only complaint is that Naturalizer doesn't have a lot of styles to choose from and aren't as stylish as other brands. If you want comfort and durability though. Naturalizer is the way to go. If you want style, then you can take your pick from the brands I listed above (Aldo as the running second!). Whatever you choose, just remember that a great pair of shoes can take you places. So pick well, ladies! 

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