Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Sunday Baking

One of my favorite scent pairings is the smell of the rain and something freshly baked. So one rainy Sunday, I found myself baking one of my favorite recipes: red velvet and green tea crinkles.

I experimented on making these crinkles because there was a time I was obsessing over green tea. I got packs of green tea powder in Taiwan and wanted to make something out of them. It was all green tea cupcakes at first then I got bored and figured, maybe I could make crinkles too. And since I love red velvet, why not red velvet flavored ones too? *wink*

I decided to sell these crinkles a few years back but because of my busy schedule, I haven't been able to bake for a while now. I'm so glad I got to bake again though. I love how it fills our house with wonderful smells and I absolutely love seeing the smile that these crinkles put on my friend's and colleagues' faces.

Available for orders!
Rainy days are baking days! Something for me to look forward to during the rainy months in the Philippines :)

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