Monday, August 24, 2015

The Backyard Food Truck Community

If you're from the South and is looking for someplace to spend a chill weekend in, try heading over to The Backyard Food Truck Community in DasmariƱas!

The place is just along Aguinaldo Highway but you can miss it if you're not really looking. It's an enclosed area so from the road, you have to keep an eye out for the sign.

The place itself is really  just like a big enclosed backyard. It was practically an empty lot with food trucks parked inside. That Saturday, there were three food trucks parked: Taco Express, SWAT (Sausage With A Twist) and FugoWagon.

So glad that the rain let up so we had the chance to sit outdoors. It wasn't really a big deal though even if it was raining a bit cause they had tents set up in case that happens.

What's really cool about the place is that apart from the food trucks, it has become a hub for artists to showcase their works and just hang out with fellow artists. There was an outdoor screen where they played short independent films (some were Cinemalaya entries), a corner for musicians, and while we were there, a group went about doing a "spoken word" session. There was also a table set up for henna tattoos and a make shift booth selling shirts. It indeed felt like a "community" of artists.

After getting my nachos (I had a bad craving!) it started raining so we decided to go inside the cafe. The cafe was the only permanent structure inside the backyard, it wasn't really much of a cafe cause they only sold one type of coffee (Cafe Barako) but it had a cafe feel to it, and it was the only place you can get drinks.

The cafe is really cute. Apart from the mismatched chairs and tables, there were so many pieces of art too. What I like most are the artworks on the walls that weren't permanent. When we arrived there were only a few artworks on the wall but as the night went on, there were more being added (some done on bond papers only) that were merely taped on. It was a really a nice touch though and added to the artistic-slash-informal theme of the whole cafe.

It was also cool cause they had a collection of board games and if you're bored (or isn't into poetry or film showing) you can just go inside the cafe and play instead. We played board games with the owner's 9-year old son, who beat us in all the games (haha!)

Overall, we had a great time at The Backyard Food Truck Community. It was a great way to spend a rainy Saturday night. I enjoyed the relaxed artsy vibe of the place and how the atmosphere was just nice and warm. If you're ever in the South, try dropping by. I think this is an experience you would want to try :)


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