Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Spicy Chip Showdown: Blair's Death Rain vs. Doritos Collions: Habanero/Guacamole

Here at thenininja.com, we appreciate a little bit of spice and heat in our food. By no means are we fire eaters, but we're not too quick to shy away from a little bit of heat. So today I present two spicy chip options: Blair's Death Rain and Doritos Collisions.

Blair's  (left) and Doritos (right)
These two spicy options are on two extremes in terms of chips. One is a potato chip, the other is a tortilla chip. Blair's is a small specialized company that makes its chips for a very small targeted audience while Doritos is run by Frito Lay, one of the largest chip companies in the world which aims to have it's snacks appeal to as wide an audience as possible. Now onto the fun part, taste testing! 

First up the Blair's Death Rain:

The Blair's starts off with a nice smokey BBQ flavor but the heat is apparent right away. After the first chip, the heat seems bearable but keeps building as you eat more chips and never seems to hit a limit. The number of chips in the picture above had me chugging water because of the heat. Tasty but something you wouldn't do everyday or eat an entire bag in one sitting (at least most people) and if you're not used to it, that kind of heat can do a number on your stomach. The heat also acts as a built-in diet aid by not allowing you to eat too many chips in one sitting. 

Next up, the limited time only Doritos Habanero-Guacamole Collisions:

The first thing that jumps out should be the 2 different chip colors. The spicy habanero chips in the Doritos bag are mixed with guacamole flavored chips in order to give sneakers the chance to cut the heat from the habanero with something not spicy. But since it is Doritos and meant to appeal to a wide audience, the habanero chips aren't very spicy at all and offer more of a tangy/sour taste as opposed to spicy. The mix of the two different flavors offers a nice change up as you eat and the flavors mix but packs very little heat overall which can lead to eating the entire back bag in one sitting.

These are just 2 yummy options of the many spicy chip options available. No matter your craving, there's bound to be a chip out there to help you indulge it and finding that chip by taste testing what's available is all part of the fun. If you have any spicy chip recommendations you think we should try, please feel free to leave your suggestions in the comments section below.

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