Friday, November 13, 2015

Foodie Friday: UCC Clockwork

I've been to UCC before but nothing could have prepared me for the awesome-ness that is UCC Clockwork.

The interior of the cafe is super cool! From the industrial design to the big coffee "bar" in the middle, this UCC Clockwork is truly one of a kind

I was super excited to see the menu because it was just amazeballs, I tell you. It has more items than the usual UCC branches and the menu items were all artisan! Before I go crazy describing their menu, let me start sharing with you our order:

It was just me and my godmother so I can only feature a few items off their menu :( But the ones we got were all very special! First off, the appetizer: Spinach and Cheese dip

Don't be fooled by how plain it looks because you haven't seen me dip my bread in yet!

TO DIE FOR! All that mozzarella goodness! I am truly blown away by this dish. It was super unexpected. I didn't think it was that cheesy. I love that it was gooey and wasn't very salty. The spinach used was also very fresh, and the alfalfa on top was a nice touch and lent it another dimension of flavor. I love love love this dish!

Next, my godmother's pick: Corned Beef with Kimchi Rice:

I couldn't try the corned beef but Ninang swears to how tasty it is! She was also pleasantly surprised that it's home made corned beef and that it's one big chunk of meaty goodness. The kimchi rice goes really well with the beef too! I tasted the rice and true enough, it had the essentials in it-- a bit of tanginess and spice from the Kimchi. Two thumbs up for this one!

Now for my dish! Japanese pancakes :)

I've never had Japanese pancakes before so I was excited to try this one. I got a plain butter pancake with cream cheese frosting on the side. It arrived in a hot plate which I found really amusing.

BECAUSE I CAN, I put maple syrup and cream cheese on my pancakes. Ohehmgee, it's so tasty! I love how fluffy the pancake is and how it's slighty toasted at the edges because of the hot plate.

Lastly, let me feature my coffee (because hey, UCC is a cafe after all):
I got the German "Eiskafee" from the Coffees Around the World Line. It was a wrong order actually cause I didn't want a cold coffee but this one is pretty tasty so I'm not complaining. To see how hard it is to pick a drink from their menu, I'll let you experience it yourself:

I love the crafted coffee around the world and UCC's own concoctions, they all sound so tasty! Yum Yum Yum!

UCC Clockwork is definitely one cafe I'd be going back to (over and over again), and next time, I'll take EJ with me. Artisan coffee dates, for the win! <3

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