Thursday, November 12, 2015

Stay Kissable

It's starting to get colder in my boyfriend's side of the world, and for most of people who've experienced harsh winters, they're familiar with the case of getting really bad chapped lips.

It was when EJ was showing me the cut on his lip that magically appeared when he woke up one morning that reminded me of my go-to brand for lip balms-- Carmex.

I discovered Carmex in Taiwan when I left my trusty lip balm and found myself with really ugly chapped lips at the beginning of winter. It was the cheapest balm in the grocery, but believe me, the price of this product doesn't give justice to how amazing it is.

The balm itself is softer than your usual Chapstick. It has the sort of consistency of petroleum jelly but it's stickier (not runny), dries off matte, and doesn't smudge. It feels a bit thicker than Chapstick (which leaves a very thin layer on your lips) but it doesn't feel heavy. And it tastes really good!

But the selling point for me of Carmex is that the more you use it, the softer your lips get! I actually felt the difference, a few days after using. It moisturised my lips and made it soft so it doesn't chap so easily. This is really perfect for winter!

EJ and I will be going somewhere cold in a few days *wink* so we'd get to test these babies again. But honestly, I don't think Carmex will disappoint us. Best lip balm for me!

// You can order Carmex online at

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