Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Art and Nature in Hakone

The bulk of our trip to Japan featured places that highlighted Japan's natural resources and geography. It is full of natural wonders, trees, foliage, mountains, and things that were more "traditional". The next area in our Japan tour is like a mix of all the elements that we liked most about Japan-- it had nature and temples and art and most importantly-- it had the iconic Mt. Fuji.

The view of Mt. Fuji on the cable car down to Lake Ashi
We took the Sagano Romance Train from Shinjuku Station in Tokyo. We also bought the Hakone one-day pass so we can get around Hakone without having to pay every time. The pass also gave us discounts to attractions like the Hakone Open Air museum. You can actually opt for a regular train ride to Hakone but we took the romance train because of one thing... the VS Romance Train BENTO!!!

How cute is that?? And the food isn't bad at all. It was actually very tasty. And what's awesome about it is that you can keep the box as a souvenir or even as a snack box!

Like how it was in Nara, we didn't really have a plan for Hakone. We relied on the one day pass and whatever attraction the pass allowed us to go to. 

Our first stop was the Hakone Open Air Museum:

The Hakone Open Air Museum is exactly what you expect it to be: an open air museum. It was nice just seeing pieces of art in a park-like complex. It was like someone just decided to put art in a park. We had fun taking pictures cause everything looked so artsy. We particularly loved the fried egg display! As big fans of eggs (why does that sound so off?), EJ and I found the egg display really amusing!
We took the cable car up Gora but it only went halfway. From there though, we got to take the cable car down to Lake Ashi. It was during the ride that we got to see a glimpse of Mt. Fuji in the distance.

At the bottom of the ropeway was Lake Ashi. We took the Lake Ashi Sightseeing Cruise which will take us to Hakone Shrine. It was however getting late already (sunset was at 4:30 PM) so we didn't know if we would make it on time before it gets dark.

EJ was pretty proud of that kiss cause PDA isn't allowed in Japan and he snuck in a quick peck while on the ship :)
We didn't get to go around the town so much anymore cause it was already dark out. I would have wanted to drop by the Little Prince Museum but it was too late already. We didn't really schedule our activities and didn't anticipate the travelling times. Nevertheless, I think we were able to do a lot in our one-day tour to Hakone. Staying overnight could have been an option, staying in an Ryokan with an onsen would have been wonderful but it's not so bad. We still had fun and saw Mt. Fuji which was our primary goal for Hakone.

Thank you Hakone! It was a fun visit!

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