Saturday, January 9, 2016

Hello Netflix Philippines

Have you heard? Netflix is finally available in the Philippines! Truly exciting news for us especially with how people in the western part of the world keep raving about it. I mean, it's a library of awesome movies! And complete episodes of tv shoes! Cartoons, asian novelas, anime, there's even documentaries! How more awesome can it get?

I downloaded the Netflix app on my phone and my boyfriend let me use his account to check the contents. It was pretty impressive at first look cause it had so much categories but if start browsing through them, you'd realize there's isn't a lot of titles available. I remember checking these films and none of them were there: Pitch Perfect, Pretty Woman, Legally Blonde, and Sherlock (the tv show). It was a bit of a letdown for me :(

Until January 6, Netflix offered a free one month subscription which you can cancel anytime. I actually wanted to try it cause if I liked the selection, I'd subscribe to it. I mean, the rates aren't so bad anyway and if it's good, why not, right? But it looks like I won't be subscribing to them anytime soon. Or at least not in the next six months. I'll wait for more titles to be added which my boyfriend thinks will take about 6 months to one year depending on how fast Netflix Philippines can secure the rights to stream the movies here in the Philippines. If you wanna see what titles are available on Netflix Philippines, you can see the list here:

Netflix subscriptions go for P370 for basic services (one device a time, standard viewing), P460 for standard (2 devices, HD viewing), and P550 for the premium service (up to 4 devices, HD and ultra HD viewing).

I really hope Netflix PH would improve their selection soon. It would be fun to be able to enjoy Netflix as much as our western counterparts do. C'mon Netflix Philippines!

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