Monday, January 18, 2016

Left my heart in Kyoto

Ah Kyoto... the quintessential Japan; the place that made me consider travelling to Japan for. That beautiful state where the old meets the new; where the traditional mixes with the modern. Yes, Kyoto.

We toured Kyoto in 3 days. The place is absolutely beautiful and I was pretty excited for it cause I love nature and it was pictures of Kyoto that convinced me to travel to Japan. Because truth be told, I never had Japan in my list of places to go to. If anything, it was one of those places I swore I won't ever visit, or if I would, it would be when I'm already gray and old. But because we were travelling in November, there were only a few places we could visit that the weather is favorable and Japan was one of them. Kyoto changed my mind because it looked so pretty, and because it was fall season, the foliage looked absolutely wonderful (it was all in orange! my favorite color!).

Let me give you a photo-filled rundown of the places we went to in Kyoto:

Fushimi-Inari Shrine
One of our must go-to's in Japan! I absolutely wanted to have my picture taken in those beautiful torii gates. It was our first stop when we arrived in Kyoto and it definitely got me excited for all the other places we could go to. Like all the other places in Japan, the shrine was (again) on top of a hill. It was quite a walk but the street uphill was lined with tasty street food and it was a good distraction. (Food post on Temple Street food on Foodie Friday!) The shrine itself did not disappoint. It was corridors of beautiful torii gates. There were a lot of people though so we had to time our photos really well. But if you're patient and persistent enough (like us), you would definitely be able to get a good photo in.

Sanjusangendo Hall
We added this hall in our itinerary because it houses a thousand buddhas. I mean, how cool is that??

Too bad we weren't allowed to take pictures of the buddhas but believe us, it's definitely worth going to. The buddhas were pretty impressive, especially since they've been there for hundreds of years already.

Kiyumizu-dera Temple
This temple is on top of a hill. It was like Fushimi-Inari again, except the temple itself isn't as pretty. But because it was up a hill, the view is quite spectacular.

Going to the temple also allows you to pass through a lot of other tourist spots. There are random temples you'd pass by while going up and down the temple, lot of food stalls, and interesting streets that show you old Japan.

Tenryuji Temple
One of my favorite areas in Kyoto is Arashiyama. It's basically the area up north and it has most of the spots I had in my list of to-go-to's. Tenryuji Temple wasn't really one of them but you pass through it to go to the Bamboo Forest (more about that in a while) so it was surprise for me to see how pretty it was.

Bamboo Forest
The highlight of my trip! I can't tell you enough how much I wanted to have my picture taken at the bamboo forest. I was even being a brat with EJ cause I wanted him to get the perfect shot, which was very hard because the bamboo forest is packed with people. But we managed to get good shots of ourselves and for that, I am so happy!

Kinkakuji Temple
This place is one of our favorites! It is just so picturesque and pretty! We got there just in time for sunset (which was around 4:30 PM-- so early!) and it looked absolutely majestic!

Too bad we didn't get to take the romance train in Arashiyama cause apparently, it sold out really fast. So it's best to book it in advance. You can't predict the number of tourists in a day, which was what happened to us. The tickets sold out after lunch even if we thought that was still early.

Thank you, Kyoto for the wonderful time! I wish we could have stayed longer. An additional day would have been perfect so we could see Ginkakuji (silver pavilion) and have a meal at Maruyama-koen park. Nevertheless, we had an awesome time! Definitely my favorite leg of our trip.

Next stop: our brief side trip to Nabana No Sato in Nagoya for the wonderful light tunnels! Stay tuned!

Light tunnel in Nabano No Sato, Nagoya

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