Sunday, January 10, 2016

Welcoming the New Year with Fire and Rain

It was that one moment that made it worth it-- ME, in the middle of the crowd dancing with no restraints to EDM songs on full blast; the rain continuously pouring down, drenching me from head to toe... and then gazing up to see fireworks light the sky above me. Yes, that was THE moment. The one moment that defined my new year's eve-- no, make that, defined my entire 2016.

Palace Pool Club NYE Party from Ninin Sampiano on Vimeo.

This is the first time that we decided to go out for New Year's Eve. Honestly, we did it only for the sake of doing it. Just because. Just to be able to say you've experienced it before. It was the same with celebrating Christmas elsewhere, or for my case, in a different country. Not my best experience, but at least I can say I've experienced it. It was the same with the NYE party. I didn't expect much from it, in fact I was also feeling under the weather then already and second guessing my decision to go. But that moment... that one moment I had during the party made it all worth it ♥

We decided to check out NYE parties at The Palace and scrolled through the events available through the Partyphile app. The app is very helpful because it lets you get in the guest list of the hottest clubs and venues in Metro Manila.

The three main clubs in The Palace were all having a NYE party, but both Revel and Valkyrie were all white parties so we decided to go to the Palace Pool Club where Alvaro will be playing too. It was a rainy new year's eve and being in our party clothes, we really didn't appreciate the rain especially since the Pool Club is not an enclosed venue. However, once we stopped letting the rain bother us and accepted the fact that we will get drenched, we started having the time of our lives dancing in the rain.
Alvaro's set started at 2 am and we're glad we waited for it because he is really good! It was just a continuous set of amazing songs that there is no time to even catch your breath even if you wanted to. The songs were just so good, you wouldn't be able to resist dancing along to them.

I'm really glad we decided to try partying on New Year's Eve. That is truly a once in a lifetime experience. It was just everything... the rain, the open venue, the songs, the fireworks overhead-- as my godsister puts it, "this is our rule the world moment right here" Yes, it definitely was ♥

Happy New Year again everybody! Let's make 2016 amazing!

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