Monday, February 22, 2016


When was the last time you did something for the first time?

Well, it was yesterday afternoon for me when I decided to sign up for a calligraphy workshop organized by La Bella Scrittura.

The workshop was a 3-hour activity and was held at The Black Apartment, a burger place in Imus, Cavite.

The workshop was designed for beginners, as in those who have zero experience in calligraphy. It was exactly what I needed because even if people usually see me posting handwritten quotes on my Instagram, they were not calligraphy. It was just in my usual cursive hand writing. 

I've always wanted to learn it because it's such an interesting art form and honestly, my goal is to be good at it, I'd make my own wedding invitations (what wishful thinking!).

The class itself was very small, there were only 9 of us in the group. It was a good size because it allowed our instructor to monitor our progress.
That's me at the rightmost back, near the wall | photocredit: labellascrittura IG account
Calligraphy itself is very tricky. If you've ever tried using a fountain pen before, you'd understand how hard it is. The angle of the pen and paper has to be right. The pressure you put in the paper has to be correct as well. 

We started doing drills with pencil just to get the hang of it then moved on to using the nib itself. We spent a lot of time just learning the letters and getting used to the hand motions. I was surprised at how challenging it was and how stubborn my hand was! I write heavily so my strokes were all heavy and it was challenging for me to do the thin upstrokes. Apart from that, I was also very bad at writing in a straight line!
Why can't I write straight? :(
My classmates and I's output for the day
During the drills, we were also served food from the Black Apartment. My classmates and instructor swear by how good the burgers are in that place but because I'm vegetarian we just have to take their word for it.
Their burgers are huge and are grilled which they say makes it tasty. I can only attest to the taste of the mango lychee shake which was just amazing!
I had so much fun during the class! I have so much more practice to do because it really isn't something you learn in just one go. You have to develop muscle memory, which our instructor says requires that we practice everyday for 2 hours. Hopefully I get time to practice and really get to create beautiful written art :)

Again, thank you to our wonderful instructor, Berna for the wonderful time! Thank you for correcting my hand angles too (haha!) I'll practice and make you proud!
I look forward to more calligraphy workshops. I'm thinking of trying brush calligraphy next time. Art during the weekends are just lalalalove!

The Cavite class! Photo grabbed from La Bella Scrittura's instagram page
For more information on La Bella Scrittura calligraphy workshops, click here:

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