Friday, February 19, 2016

Foodie Friday: Kitkat from the Middle East

One thing I like about my line of work is that it allows me to see the peculiarities of different cultures and countries around the world. The most common display of this are the pasalubong that we get when our colleagues attend meetings abroad. We get to taste different types of instant coffee, tea, delicacies and most of all, chocolate.

My latest discovery are these Kitkat varieties from Saudi Arabia:

A couple of the flavors are new to me. More so because they came from Saudi Arabia and I didn't know that Saudi carries unique KitKat flavors too.

What I like about them the most is that the flavors are just inside the chocolate. So at first look, it's like any other regular kitkat but when you bite into it, you'd see that it has a unique filling.

The only downside to them for me is that the flavor doesn't really come off strong because it's just inside. It still tastes like a regular kitkat cause the milk chocolate covering overpowers the taste of the filling. Nevertheless, it is still a very interesting product.

To me, Japan is still the country with the most interesting Kitkat flavors, but seeing that other countries have unique ones too make me excited to see what other flavors are out there :)

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