Saturday, February 27, 2016

I Found It On Galleon.PH

My birthday is coming up in a few days (March 3) and if you know me, my birthday is quite big deal to me. I get excited for it months before and it's all I can think of weeks before my birthday. Well for this year, I already have my birthday trip planned (you'll find out where soon!) and although I'm not much of a material girl (spoil me not with gifts but with experiences!), I find myself putting together a birthday wishlist from browsing through the selection at this new online shopping site,

I was pleasantly surprised to see that they have so much products on their catalog. Practically all that you can think of, it's there! The usual clothes, shoes, bags, accessories, perfumes, etc. but they also have grocery items, home decor, automotive parts (what?), garden tools, sports equipment, and practically anything you can think of. What's interesting about it is that they are all imported products. It's like an online imported products store. What an interesting business concept!

Apart from that, promises the following:
  • Prices are all-inclusive and they take care of shipping, customs and taxes.
  • Ships nationwide and delivers via air (6-12 business days) and sea (35-40 business days).
  • Has efficient customer care. With that, buying and shipping of items not on their website can be requested.
  • Has multiple payment modes.
  • Has a “ship my item” feature where in act as a PO box service but you don’t get charged shipping fee by the box but on the item itself.
Here are the items I found at the site that I'm putting on my birthday wishlist:

1. Naturalizer Mary Jane Pumps
No price yet because the site is still new, but you can request for the price and they'll send you an email.
It was watching all those episodes of Miss Fisher's Murder Mysteries that got me ogling over Mary Janes again. Before last year, I would only get my work shoes from Naturalizer and would only get mary jane styles. But last year, I found myself collecting pointed heels from Aldo (which isn't a bad thing), but now I kinda miss my old style. My old naturalizer is my go-to shoes and it is starting to show signs of wear and tear. The Naturalizer styles we have here aren't as extensive as the ones abroad so it's nice to see that carries the brand :)

2. Diptyque Candles
I am a big scented candles kind of girl and my favorite are Diptyque candles (smells soooo good!). Diptyque just recently opened branches in the country but they are all too far from me. I still get my candles from people who go to Paris or Hong Kong for my fix. It's so nice to see these online, and in so many scents!

3. MIZON Snail Cream + Canmake products

I've been obsessing lately over face creams. I saw the difference it made on my skin and I enjoyed their effects so much. I've heard about the reviews on snail creams from Korea and I was curious. I asked my colleague who went to Korea to get me these but she didn't have time to look for it so she didn't get to buy me one :( So I'm really glad I saw that carries these! And not only the snail creams, they also carry one of my newly discovered make up brands from Japan, Canmake!

I am obsessing over Canmake products cause they are so nice and cheap! doesn't have the prices yet cause it's still in its soft opening but soon enough, the prices will be up for all the products. If the prices are as good as they are in Japan, then I'm definitely hoarding Canmake make up!

4. Line Character Toys

I can't tell you enough how excited I got when I saw the Line Character toys on! It's so hard finding them here in the Philippines and me and EJ like them that we even visited the Line store when we went to Tokyo in November.

5. The Little Prince products

I'm a big The Little Prince fan. I was sad that we couldn't squeeze in a visit to the Little Prince museum when we went to Hakone, but it was probably a good thing cause I'd probably end up hoarding products from their store. But guess what? carries them too! *shock*

I could spend the entire day doing a post about them because there are just so many items on the site! But because I'd want you to see it for yourself, I'll end it here and let you explore the site yourself. Happy shopping!




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