Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Soft Matte Lips

On Christmas, I received a set of Nyx soft matte lip creams from my godfather. I'm usually scared of trying new lipstick cause I usually get allergies from them (except when it's from Mac). But because a matte lip gloss sounds interesting, I went ahead and tried it.

Like I said, I don't use any other lipstick brand than Mac because I'm allergic to most lipstick brands (I get chapped lips after even just one application which is a sign of an allergy). But because I use a Nyx cheek blush, I figured I might not be as allergic to it.

I tried first the lightest shade of them, Monte Carlo, which is this beautiful bright red shade:

It's not as bright as I expected, which is nice and disappointing at the same time. It's a totally wearable everyday lipstick.

Next is the second darkest shade, Copenhagen:

This shade reminds me of one of my favorites from Mac, D for Danger. It is a nice deep red which looks perfect for when you wanna look a bit serious.
I love its deep red shade cause it makes me look more serious. It's actually a good shade for work, without looking too much.

The last is the cult favorite, transylvania:

It took me a while before trying on this shade because it looks close to black and I was scared I'd look like a witch. But when I finally applied it, it doesn't look so bad:

It's definitely not an everyday lipstick shade as it is too dark, but it isn't a bad color as well. It would look great with a little black dress on special occasions.

Here's a summary of the things I liked and disliked about the Nyx soft matte creams:

Good points:
- glides on easily and doesn't dry too fast which means you can still wipe it off in case you make a mistake
- smells fantastic! It smells like chocolate :)
- nice selection of colors
- stays true to promise and does dry to a matte finish

There is only on main downside to the lipstick--  its staying power.  It doesn't stay as long as I want to, especially in the middle of my lips. You know how it is when your lipstick comes off from drinking and you're left with the outline but no color in the middle? Ugh!

Otherwise, it is a very good option especially if you're looking for a matte lip gloss for an affordable price. Good job, Nyx!

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