Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Birthday Candles

...only these ones, you wouldn't want to blow out.

I was just telling you about my birthday wishlist and what have you, my boyfriend was such a dear and sent me these candles for my birthday even before I posted my wishlist!

Presenting, my candle obsession, Diptyque candles:

Diptyque is legendary French perfumer and maker of luxury scented candles. The candles are a celebrity favorite and I know it may be too much for a regular person like me, but believe me, if you can splurge on these, then please do because burning Diptyque candles is a one of a kind experience in itself. The scent is just so unbelievable!

My boyfriend got me the 3-set pack with Baies, Figuier and Roses. Based on their descriptions on the website, Baies expresses the irresistible freshness of a bouquet of roses, sweetened with blackcurrant leaves. Figuier has the warmth of the bark, the freshness of the leaves, and the milky sap of its fruit. And Roses is like a tender, freshly picked bouquet, it pays homage to the queen of flowers. Of the three, Baies is my favorite :)

On the website, the set of three retails for USD$90.00.

Thank you so so much EJ for the wonderful gift! You made me super happy! These are candles that would keep on being lighted not just on my birthday but all month!

Happy 1st of March everyone! Happy birth month to me! :)

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