Monday, November 21, 2016

LDR gift giving

One of the main things that I find challenging in long distance relationships is gift giving. At the start, I would send EJ gifts by having them shipped to him but this has proven to be very expensive and limiting. Not only will you not be able to send expensive items (for fear of them getting lost), you also cannot send some items due to customs restrictions. This prompted me (and him too) to get a bit more creative in sending gifts.

Well it was his birthday last Friday and the occasion allowed me to try another means of gift giving-- pizza delivery :) Pizza is one of EJ's favorite foods and for many years I've been wanting to give him pizza but I couldn't find a place in Canada that would let me buy and pay online. Well that all changed when I discovered Uber Eats.

Uber Eats Canada let me order from stores near EJ's home and an Uber driver picked it up and delivered it to his house. I ordered from Pizza Edge in Brampton, a small restaurant with tasty pizza (ask EJ!). Ordering to delivery took about 30 minutes in total which is really fast compared to pizza deliveries here in the Philippines. The food was debited from my Uber account without any hassle. It was just perfect! I was so nervous the whole time that they would have to look for the actual card used for the transaction or me to sign it or something but no, they just delivered it and the receipt was sent to my email. Mission complete!

Because birthday cakes are passe. Birthday PIZZA for my love!
Now I finally have a place to go to if I want to order food for EJ in Canada. The interesting thing is, Uber Eats is actually not available in the Philippines (hehe) so I'm really really glad I got to fool the app thinking I was in Canada :P

Since I'm already on the topic, let me share some of the websites I've used before in sending gifts to EJ online:

1. Edible Arrangements - has been my go to delivery service for food items for many times in the past. I love their chocolate-covered fruit items and that you can add items to  the fruits like balloons, bears, etc. You can also schedule the delivery date so you can get this in advance and not worry about it. What I dislike however is that it can get quite expensive with the delivery fee on top of the price. Still, it's a good service provider with cool products.

2. Amazon Canada - Amazon Canada is my go to for the more expensive (and bulky) items I want to give EJ. It's reliable, safe, and accepts international payment. It has a wide selection and you can check for the best deals.

There you go! I'll leave the part about sending items to the Philippines to EJ but that's my list of go to websites for sending gifts to Canada.

Stay strong fellow LDR couples! *hug*

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