Thursday, November 10, 2016

Of art and more

There's nothing more satisfying for me than creating art. Lately, apart from being busy from work (sorry about the lack of updates), I have been keeping myself preoccupied with art projects. So for the next few posts, allow me  to feature some of the art projects I have been preoccupied with:

1. Cut out family tree

A few months ago, I went to Canada to visit EJ and his family and I decided I wanted to do a special gift for them. So I decided to do a cut out family tree. It was the first time I've ever done one but I do enjoy making cut outs and I tend to get excited about new projects. It was a really painstaking task, and I had to do the cut out twice because the first one just looked bad, but the final product is something I am very very proud of :)

My colleagues at work were so impressed with this they even suggested I sell it. I haven't really post it anywhere online until now but I guess they're right, so if you wanna order, I'm selling this for PHP2,000.00 with 2-3 weeks production time.

2. Glass calligraphy

In line with the whole "this is the first time I'm doing this but what the heck" mentality, I decided to do calligraphy on a glass frame for a dear friend's wedding. Again, it was the first time I tried it and it was a disaster at first because apparently you need special materials to write on glass, but I was able to pull it off and I think it is beautiful :)

I can't find the framed version of this or the final touched up one, but this one will do. I love how it looks so artsy and I really didn't think I could create something so nice. Again, if you want to get a customized one, I sell these for PHP950.00 with 1-2 weeks production time.

So there goes some of my art projects the past month! I can't believe I've actually embarked on a lot of artistic endeavors in just a few months. But it is something I do derive so much joy from and it feels great to be able to share it with the world :)

p.s. for orders, email me at or PM me on Instagram @nininja

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