Friday, November 11, 2016

Up in the sky I go

One of the biggest art projects I was fortunate enough to take on was the design for a baby boy's birthday party. His parents are currently in Bangkok and since it's his first birthday, his mom really wanted to make it special by creating a theme for it. But for some reason she says she couldn't find the type of decor she wanted for the party so she contacted me to make her the decor.

It  was a really fun project because I got to work with one of my favorite mediums: felt cloth :) I find sewing really enjoyable and relaxing. I particularly enjoyed making cute little clouds and stuffing them!
Liam's mom even had a cake customized based on my design!
What I love most about the party decor is that they're reusable and after the party, they could put it in the baby's room as decor. They're also easy to pack which made sending these to Bangkok really easy :)

Happy birthday darling baby boy!

For customized party decor orders like this, email me at or PM me on Instagram @nininja

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