The Nininja

A fashion, food, travel, and lifestyle blog written by Ninin Sampiano

NININ: civil servant, vegetarian, entrepreneur, artist, ninja.

The Nininja is a blog written by a young professional itching to release her suppressed love for fashion, food, travelling, the arts and all things fun.

This personal blog is a reflection is all her interests and is meant to consolidate all her activities on the online world. It will talk about her passions from food, fashion, travelling, arts and crafts and everything else in between. It will also, occasionally, serve as venue for her to showcase her handmade crafts that range from made-to-order costumes to green tea cupcakes! 

This is a peak into the life of a young professional, trying to make a name in this world. Nininja is not just a brand; or a trademark; or a name. Nininja in itself is like a diary of sorts, an online avenue for self expression.


Nininja is in a loving long-distance relationship with this guy:

And a loving relationship means sharing. What's mine is yours, and what is yours is mine. This blog belongs to him too.
The Nininja is thus transformed into a collaboration. An interplay of opinions and interests: His and hers; East and WestThe Philippines and Canada-- all culminating in a mesh of talent, that is this blog: The Nininja.

CONTACT ME (or my boyfriend if you want)

Twitter - @thenininja

Instagram - @nininja

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